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Great “everyday” champagnes

A while back, I was looking for recs for a beginner’s champagne for an intimate celebration. I was new to champagne (I’m more of the occasional whiskey drinker) and my husband’s only experience was with Dom Perignon and he described it as “foul” lol.

Among many others, I received the recommendation for Laurent Perrier. I picked up a bottle of LP La Cuvée Brut. It was great. I surprisingly enjoyed it. It had all the things I enjoyed about chardonnay — juicy pear/green apple taste but none of that “wine bite” or the smell that makes me unable to throughly enjoy it.

I would love to have a champagne that can be had easily and is affordable for an “everyday” type of champagne.

Something bubbly and fresh. I’m ready and excited to expand my champagne palate 🍾

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