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Umbrian vivace

Submitted February 20, 2018 at 08:30AM by ahairshirtofpurpose
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Recommended wine gift baskets? via /r/wine

Recommended wine gift baskets?

I'm sending a thank-you basket to a mentor of mine. He drinks wine on the regular so I thought about getting him a gift basket. There are multiple gift baskets to get online that have great deals. But I don't know a thing about wine. On top of it all, I don't know if he drinks white or red. If I can remember, he would drink red. Anyways, can somebody please send me a recommendation? I would like to spend around $60. I But if there's something highly recommended that is little more expensive, go ahead and list it and I will consider. Hope to hear from you all!

Submitted February 20, 2018 at 01:50AM by Dartsforlife87
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3-4 wine styles california via /r/wine

3-4 wine styles california

i'm from california but this is my first time back in california with an appreciation for wine.

won't be here too long but i'm looking to get a few bottles of wine.

prefer to stay norcal to kind of stay 'local'

i'm looking for wine styles rather than specific bottles, but maybe it'll be relatively easy to locate specific bottles since i'm actually in the bay area. my budget is around $20 a bottle.

so if you had to choose the most representative wine styles to try from northern california, what would they be? i know a napa valley cabernet sauvignon is kinda the tops, but also interested in stuff from sonoma and anything else you guys think is worth trying.

Submitted February 20, 2018 at 12:45AM by dividerall
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Hello! Good wine to buy for a 1 year old? via /r/wine

Hello! Good wine to buy for a 1 year old?

Hello! I am new to this whole wine thing. But yay for reddit!

My best friend's daughter is turning 1 next month. I see that many of you rec'd a bottle of wine and then drank it on your 21st bday.

What bottle of wine could I buy now that would be good to open 20 years from now??

EDIT: And a good bottle that would be easy to store. My friend doesn't have a wine refrigerator, cellar or anything like that.

Submitted February 19, 2018 at 09:57PM by throwaway6912465
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