Help trying a malbec via /r/wine

Help trying a malbec

A couple years ago I decided to join the tasting room, thinking it would be a good way to introduce myself to wine. From that, plus a couple years of trying random bottles, I found that I really like red wine. As I write this, I wanna say that I prefer full-bodied wines, like cabs, riojas, and Petit verdot, but I mean, I also like zins and merlots and the occasional Pinot (less so than when I started but eh, I'll drink it). The only one that I don't seem to like is Malbecs. I've tried a couple, and maybe I've just been getting bad ones, but the ones I've tried all have the same black pepper taste, and I just don't think I'm a fan (I like white pepper flavor in wines, though). But in doing some research today, I feel like I SHOULD since they often have flavors of wines that I really like. For background, the ones I have tried have come from Argentina, which I think should be the kind that I like. So, I humbly come to the people of the wine sub-reddit. I'd prefer not to spend a lot but around mid-upper $20s is fine with me. Does anyone have any suggestions?

P.s. I have never found a blend that I like and I prefer my wine to either be savory or fruity but not both.

Submitted June 20, 2017 at 11:16PM by Cyparis
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If you had to pick one book to learn about wine what would it be? via /r/wine

If you had to pick one book to learn about wine what would it be?

It can be about wine making or history of wine, you can give a top 3 list. I'm a home brewer (beer) but am very into wine. I know way more about beer and have read a lot of beer books that taught me a lot! But I want to learn as much as I know about beer about wine. I sold wine for a while at a retail store and have a solid foundation but I want to delve deeper and really learn some stuff. I have the wine folly book, and it's a great resource but I leant something else that I can sit down and read without having to constantly go to links on my computer like in the wine folly book

Submitted June 20, 2017 at 11:50PM by Jbro149
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Bartending interview at a wine bar/restaurant in 36 hours. I know little about wine. Help! via /r/wine

Bartending interview at a wine bar/restaurant in 36 hours. I know little about wine. Help!

I've got the interview because I have a year and a half of bartending experience at a catering company but we only had one bottle of riesling/cabernet/chardonnay at each event so my knowledge is basically white/red sweet/dry. What crash course can I cram in order to appear knowledgable enough to be worth training?

I glanced at the FAQ but that all appears to be in depth research and I'm really just looking to fake it till I make it.

Submitted June 20, 2017 at 10:01PM by Designer_B
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Recommendation for a new born via /r/wine

Recommendation for a new born

Title is a little misleading but still looking for a recommendation. My sister is having a daughter in the next day or so and I was thinking some wine from the area saved until my niece is old enough to drink with her uncle would be a unique gift along with some fruit trees or grape vines I'll plant. (Plus it'd give me a reason to age something without drinking it) I'm from the Finger Lakes region-ish and was wondering if anyone could recommend a few wines that might store/age well.

Submitted June 20, 2017 at 06:19PM by Grumpylumberjack
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