Seneca letter 92, ‘On the Happy Life via /r/wine

Seneca letter 92, ‘On the Happy Life

Sometimes we gain strength by driving in a carriage, by travel, by change of air, or by social meals and a more generous allowance of wine: at times we ought to drink even to intoxication, not so as to drown, but merely to dip ourselves in wine: for wine washes away troubles and dislodges them from the depths of the mind, and acts as a remedy to sorrow as it does to some diseases.

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Does anyone know of a sparkling wine a cork marked with the letter “N”? via /r/wine

Does anyone know of a sparkling wine a cork marked with the letter “N”?

Sorry for such a specific request, I have a good friend who loves to collect sparkling wine corks. She has everything but the letter "N" to complete her name, I would love to be able to gift her these as a housewarming/birthday present and would love any help you guys can provide!

Submitted April 27, 2017 at 04:30AM by kurthp93
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Compare these two wines for a noob? I like one of them a lot. via /r/wine

Compare these two wines for a noob? I like one of them a lot.


santa ema reserve merlot

What METRICS should I look out if I like wines like the roscato (sweeter, bubbly) whe nshopping to match? The merlot is too heavy on the alcohol side, lacks depth for me (i cna't detect any chocolate vanilla or rasberyy over its cherry)?

More I curated on a wish list based on customer reviews: How do I know which of these match the above criteria, anything to look for as far as refreshing/sweet taste? How would I know where the Madeira fits in?

Submitted April 27, 2017 at 12:10AM by sabado225
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Tannin Fiend via /r/wine

Tannin Fiend

Ever since I was young, I have been a fiend for tannins.

I actually did not like black tea when I began to try it, but it soon became something I drank cups of. My chocolate tastes quickly went as dark as possible when I ate it. Coffee is the most incredible substance ever, and with that too, I went from drinking cappucinos to double espressos and ristrettos in a flash.

And now, just as my wine drinking is beginning ( I would like to at least know a bit about wine so I can pretend like it's not just a way to get drunk ), I have found myself loving red wine after only a brief period of preferring white.

Since you red wine lovers know all about tannins, can you tell me fucking something about them??? All I know is that those four things are some of my favourite foods and drinks and that they're packed with tannins. Actually I do know that tannins stain teeth but I couldn't care less. What does it mean to love tannins like I do? should I be concerned about too much tannins?

Submitted April 26, 2017 at 04:13AM by yagudaerufi
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