What is the common employee discount at a wine store? via /r/wine

What is the common employee discount at a wine store?

10% over cost? 15%?

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Best glass for Dolcetto d’Alba via /r/wine

Best glass for Dolcetto d’Alba

Hey guys, I'm a beginner to wine and I bought my first bottle of Dolcetto d'Alba!! However, I don't know which glass to use for it. I have a quite decent Bordeaux and Burgundy set of glasses at home, and I can't buy any more glasses because I have no room for it. So, given my limitations, which kind of glass should I use for best enjoying dolcetto?

Here, the glasses I have: https://imgur.com/gallery/tYxZv

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looking for some feedback on a “nespresso for wine” idea via /r/wine

looking for some feedback on a “nespresso for wine” idea

I'm basically trying to launch a "Nespresso" for wine. What that means is that I'm looking to create a direct to consumer wine subscription for bagged wine that comes with a designed dispenser that aerates the wine as it pours it. (fits the fridge as well as your countertop)

The benefit to the consumer is cost savings from the wine, the packaging and most importantly the ability to drink the wine for up to 30 days after the first glass (which bagged wine provides).

I've been working on the project for a year… finally have a prototype, but would love to get your feedback – I'm trying to sharpen the idea and there is still time to make adjustments!

some questions I have: -if we were able to source great wine to bag, would it be of interest to you? – do you find it annoying to pay for the dispenser and then purchase subscription separately? -would you prefer 1L vs 3L bags -do you like the idea of having a "house" wine, where the quality is great – similar in to europe where they always have a carafe in the fridge -ANY feed back – positive or negative 😉

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Any Recommendations on Istrian Wines? via /r/wine

Any Recommendations on Istrian Wines?

I've been a big fan of wines from the Collio/Brda and Carso/Cras for a long time, and have always been interested in wines from Istria, but have never found a bottle that wowed me like Gravner, Radikon, Movia, or Kante. Has anyone been to Istria or done a lot of research into the wines of the region? The most interesting domain that I've found so far is Piquentum, but am looking for more. Thank you!

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Wine Key Recommendations? via /r/wine

Wine Key Recommendations?

Hello /r/wine, I'm a wine pro looking for suggestions on a new wine key. I'm willing to drop some money, but not sure I'm quite looking to drop Code38 money either. The ones I've been using for awhile now, look great, are sturdy, fit most of my needs, but I just broke the worm off in a cork and it's unfortunately not the first time it's happened either. I have a box of them here at the winery, so was never a huge concern, but I need something more reliable and the lower tier freebies floating around are more frustrating than they are worth.

Here's what I'm looking for:

  • A sharp knife. This is my biggest pet peeve and the main reason why I'm not usually a fan of the freebies that collect on my desk from other wineries. A sharp knife is key and I'm not looking for anything that will tug and chew up a foil.

  • Appearance. I want it to look nice. I know I can buy a cheap key, that may even have a sharp knife, off amazon, but it needs to look sleek. I'm on display when I'm opening bottles, so it's something that will be seen.

  • It needs to be sturdy. The other two factors don't mean much if it's going to break in the long run as well. My previous key looked great and had a great knife, but had it's issues in this category. Sometimes the side panels would pop off. Sometimes, much less frequently, the worm would break off.

Below $100 would be preferred. Single vs. Double Hinge doesn't matter much to me. Doubles are great and easy, but I don't hate single hinged fulcrums either.

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A short rant on salesperson etiquette via /r/wine

A short rant on salesperson etiquette

Currently waiting in line to see a customer. I made an appointment yesterday morning to sit and taste TWO EFFING WINES at 2pm today. Apparently Mr. So-and-so competitor showed up at 1:50 and said he could squeeze in. With 18 wines in his bag. Anyway here I am sitting right next to him during his meeting and my customer’s palate is gonna be blown by the time I even get in there.

What do y’all think? Rude? Not rude? My customer’s fault? Competitor for having 18 wines and not calling ahead? How do you handle this sort of thing in your world?

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