Where to branch out to from big Napa cabs? via /r/wine

Where to branch out to from big Napa cabs?

I know very little about wine in general, as I'm more of an IPA drinker, but I recently got the opportunity to take a weekend trip to Napa with my folks, who had set up a couple private tastings. I rather enjoyed everything we tasted, but almost all the wines we tasted were CS's; we had maybe one zin and one red blend besides that. My favorites from the trip were the '15 Turnbull Black Label and the '15 Caymus Special Selection (I've read that Caymus is pretty controversial on this sub, but I can't complain). The other Turnbull offerings (CS Oakville, Pierra), Caymus CS, and Dark Matter CS were all excellent, although I fear some of the subtlety of those wines might have been lost on me at this point.

Suffice to say, I enjoy big Napa cabs, but it's all I've known at this point. What are some good styles or regions to branch out to from there? Would there be any good wine memberships to sign up for at this point? My uncle recommended Turley as an inexpensive subscription, but I'd hesitate to have wine shipped to me during a Texas summer.

Submitted June 18, 2019 at 02:38AM by EpilepticPudding
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