Need advice on wine packaging/bottle trends + wine types via /r/wine

Need advice on wine packaging/bottle trends + wine types

Hi there,

I'm a graphic designer looking to make a conceptual product for wine.

Basically my concept is to take a potion bottle (classic CLEAR round potion with cork) and it's going to be a two pack (red wine and a…blue wine (more about that) ); the packaging I'll be using is a cardboard carrier.

Main questions are:

1: From a wine drinker, expert's perspective… is an actual potion shaped bottle viable to use? Also, I see most if not all wine bottle aren't clear glass, they're usually like dark green, etc. I'm using clear so that the wine colors themselves stand on their own through the glass; So do manufacturers break these rules with irregular bottles and clear bottles?

Furthermore, I'm trying to create a believable product – granted I have my eye for design, the graphics, the lettering BUT I just need to know if I'm already shooting myself in the foot for a non believable product by not using traditional bottle styles. I've read that there are 12 actual styles that are dated in history.

Source on that here:

That article also mentions "13 if you count those goofy bottles that winemakers come up with to attract and boost sales."

2: Blue wine…does it exist? I'm concepting red wine (red potion) and a …blue wine (blue potion).

Thanks a bunch, this is a big project for me but I need very knowledgeable/expert advice!

Submitted January 20, 2018 at 08:59PM by adoseth
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