Help me demystify age-ability variation within wine regions via /r/wine

Help me demystify age-ability variation within wine regions

Vintage charts such as this one provide a vast generalization which cannot possibly do justice to the variety of wines from a given region. This website offers more detailed advice with some attention paid to quality level of the wine for some of the categories (eg Burgundy). Nevertheless, the differences in wine between different producers still pose a major challenge for us wine novices. For instance, the latter website seems to indicate that red Bordeaux is going to be bracingly tannic in its youth, and that I pretty much have to wait 12+ years to really appreciate Bordeaux. So how do I know if a bottle from Bordeaux actually fits this criterion? Maybe some producers there are producing less serious, more ready-to-drink-immediately wine (which is apparently the case for the vast majority of wine on American shelves)? Am I really to believe that I have to wait 5+ years before I can open that $20 bottle of 2013 Chianti Classico Riserva? Should I avoid buying that bottle of $35 2013 1er Cru Burgundy because I know I don't have 8 years to age it, and is there any way that I can appreciate Burgundy without having to either wait a decade or splurge on an old bottle?

Thanks for your help!

Submitted August 13, 2017 at 12:03PM by avocado_oclock
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