Champagne & Jura Recommendations via /r/wine

Champagne & Jura Recommendations

My husband and I are going on a wine trip to France in a couple of weeks. Our first stop is Champagne. The second day we have a private wine guide that will take us around. But the first day we arrive after taking a red eye and don't have any plans. I guesstimate we'll be in Reims around noon and will want to freshen up and grab lunch. But I think we can probably squeeze in a tour at one of the big champagne houses that first day since they're close by and we can easily make an appointment online.

Any suggestions? We've never tasted champagne from any of the big houses (Veuve, Taittinger, Mumm, etc.). We've only had champagne from smaller houses. We prefer very yeasty, toasty, almondy champagnes and so far enjoy vintage more than non-vintage champagnes (no big surprise there). I'm leaning towards Taittinger since my husband is really just biding his time until the Northern Rhone and he'll care more about the caves than the champagne. But would love any insight you might have.

Jura: We originally had Jura in the itinerary. It got nixed due to time. But we're driving from Champagne to Montreux and will drive right through Jura. I would love to stop there en route, but my main concern is neither of us speak French and the towns are pretty small. Will that be an issue? Are there any places you suggest stopping for a tasting and/or lunch? If we could taste some Vin Jaune, that would be ideal.

Submitted August 11, 2017 at 02:50PM by swmccoy
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