Hey r/Wine! via /r/wine

Hey r/Wine!

So I've been lurking for a while in this sub and figured I'd say hi!

Tonight is Villa Regia Douro Vinho Tinto for me!

Colour: Deep ruby

Nose: Black cherry, Pepper, Raspberry leaf

Palate: Fresh Black Cherry, Raspberry, Coconut, Medium body, Tannins linger nicely while not being overbearing, Finish though short and sweet leaves on a juicy note

For a $10 (taxes in) bottle in Canada its amazing! What would one expect from the Douro though!

So, to finish my own introduction I'll just say that I've been working in the retail liquor industry for nine years here in Canada. Have my WSET1 and am awaiting my employer to take my WSET2 tests! I have been working with wine directly for the last two years and feel like I am at the start of the journey of never-ending wine knowledge! I'll be looking for Spain/Portugal advice for the next few months as I have a major convention coming up in February that they are the theme of! Anyways, now I'm rambling as the Douro is flowing. Time to imbibe!


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