Wine Pairing Suggestions: Sushi via /r/wine

Wine Pairing Suggestions: Sushi

hey all – i'm headed to a dinner hosted by a some close friends who are adept at making sushi (he did it in college as a side job). Anyone have suggestions/experience for a pairing? We're going to be doing lots of stuff; salmon, tuna, california, shrimp. Also tempura shrimp and teriyaki chicken (for tho non sushi eaters)

Some thoughts i've had: – White, med-sweet. Maybe PNW Riesling, something to combat the salty soy sauce & spicy wasabe. – Sparkling? maybe a loire bubbly rose. The effervescence might be nice since sushi is a bit 1 dimensional on the texture specture, though we plan to do Tempura as well. – Oregon Pinot? always a staple in my house with salmon, Could be an option. Conversely – because everyone seems to go Salmon + oregon pinot, maybe beaujelais?

all suggestions welcome! (anyone know a good unfiltered sake!?)

Submitted August 07, 2017 at 04:45PM by Bike_Gasm
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