Wedding Sparkling Wine Help via /r/wine

Wedding Sparkling Wine Help

Hello Winos! My FH and I are slowly getting into wine (at least as much as 2 broke people in their early 20's can) and have really started taking a liking to sparkling wines. So far we haven't met one we didn't like (ranging from the 5 dollar crap up to about $30 bottles, I'm so bad with remembering names of them) so I was hoping to surprise him with some special sparkling wine for our wedding in September. Looking to spend less than $150 if possible. What would you suggest for a young couples first high-end sparkling champagne adventure?

Thanks so much and I look forward to eventually being a contributing member of this community once our bank accounts allow me too! 🙂

Submitted August 07, 2017 at 03:15PM by russells_girl
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