Has anyone worked as a wine tasting host, did you like it? via /r/wine

Has anyone worked as a wine tasting host, did you like it?

I figure I'll be one of those persons who stand up for hours at a time in a liquor store with a wine stall.

I've always been an office type of person and have most of my experience in the office, but I want a change in environment and this seems like a fit where I can meet new people.

Here is my job's description.

A couple of questions I have where I can't seem to gather from research and I want to be ready for the phone interview:

  1. My area is not big on wine, so I'm guessing I would have to drive far to the city where they have their HQ in. Did you always have to pick up a box of wine (do you pay for it) so that you can sell it at their designated spot near your area?

  2. How is the job like, did you enjoy talking to people and sharing wine, did you get to meet and develop a network?

  3. What happened after, did you move on or did you stay and get promoted?

  4. I'm guessing this is going to be sales oriented. Which means, if I happen to don't sell at least 5 bottles per weekend, then my experience is cut off.

The potential of meeting people and being away from the office scene is what's drawing me in, but trading a massive salary decrease and traveling is scary.

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