Saline anyone? – 2015 Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine sur Lie Domaine de La Quilla via /r/wine

Saline anyone? – 2015 Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine sur Lie Domaine de La Quilla

I get a weekly email from a wine merchant about their Saturday tastings, which I can never attend because I work in a winery on Saturdays! Still, I like to look over the wines, imagining the wonders of the usually much-too-expensive-for-me-wines I'll not be tasting.

My attention this week was caught by an $11.95 Muscadet that used the word "saline". I'm a sucker for saline, and at that price, I went down there mid-week and picked it up. I'd also never had a Muscadet, and when it comes to wine I'm all about trying new stuff.

Appearance: a deeper lemon/straw colour than you might expect from an un-oaked cool climate white, but I'm led to believe this is to do with the traditional Muscadet technique of leaving the wine with the lees basically all the way up until bottling.

Aroma: this wine has a surprisingly concentrated, zesty and fresh green apple, pear and citrus aroma. There is also quite a strong sweet floral note of jasmine, and a hint of wet grass. You can almost smell the saltiness, which of course brings me to the taste!

Palate: the wine is bone-dry with a nice medium body, which I'm lead to believe is again down to the lees ageing. The acid is medium, but it's tough in a way to differentiate this from the intense minerality, which is really what this wine is all about. If you like flinty, saline wines, this is your wine.

Overall verdict:

Honesty, one of the best value wines I've ever had. It's got the saline of an Assyrtiko from Greece — imagine sucking on semi-submerged seaside sandstone — with some of the green fruit aromas and floral complexity of a Sancerre. Muscadet is a chronically underrated wine, but all the better for those of us on a budget.

Get yourself a bottle and enjoy!

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