***Monthly Wine Challenge – August 2017 Wine Selection Post!!!*** via /r/wine

***Monthly Wine Challenge – August 2017 Wine Selection Post!!!***

I must beg apologies again, for I am making this post an evening early. If you still have your July notes to post, feel free to put them up in their thread. I have a bunch of job interviews this week, and fear I will forget to put this post up unless I do it now. Mea Culpa.

After the liveliness of July's vinho verdes, I felt it was time to get back to something darker, perhaps more complex. If you're like me, you're reading a lot of articles about recent wine trends, Millennials (you're everywhere!), and the changing wine scene. Apparently, red blends are hot (according to 'experts,' Millennials – there you are again! – see a blend as having 'handcrafted' flavors and appreciate the balances, rather than wanting to search for that one perfect bottle of a single varietal.

So, let's go with the flow. We can be trendy!

Country: USA

Wine Type: Red Blend – Must be at least 3 varietals!

I'm throwing in the 'at least 3 varietals' part to make it at least a bit challenging. REMEMBER – with the Monthly Wine Challenge, the point is to try a bottle you've never had before. Find something interesting. Who can find the bottle with the most varietals? Who can find some unusual mixtures?

Go and find your special bottle, and on the 15th, I'll put up the tasting notes post. At that time, you'll be able to post your notes. When posting, be ready to include: 1) the wine's name (if it has one), the name of the producer, the varietals and their percentages, the origin and the year; 2) a photo of your bottle and a filled glass; 3) your detailed tasting notes, and 4) your recommendation.

If you're new to wine tasting, you may want to check out this article from Wine Enthusiast.

Should be an easy one this month! I hope we have a LOT of challengers participating! See you on August 15th!

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