Questions about the industry via /r/wine

Questions about the industry

Hello r/wine!

I have some questions about the wine industry I was hoping I could have answered by some of you.

I am a 25 year old male who has recently started to become interested in wine and food. It started with me cooking at home with my wife, and has now expanded to me occasionally sampling wines at home while we cook. I work in an industry completely unrelated to the wine industry, and have never had a job in food service or anything of the like. But I have been looking to get out of my current industry for a while now, and wine and food is something I am extremely interested in. The history behind every bottle, every area and producer is just fascinating to me.

A local shop near me is hiring staff for wine sales, and I am thinking about applying, but honestly I have no idea if it is even worth my time seeing as I have no experience in the food industry, and have an extremely basic knowledge of wine. Honestly, I guess my question is if it's even worth my time to apply to this place based on my experience up to this point. Your brutal honesty would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

Submitted July 30, 2017 at 10:13PM by shakin_the_bacon
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