Barolo/Barbaresco tours & tastings via /r/wine

Barolo/Barbaresco tours & tastings

Hi all I hope this kind of post is ok. I'm usually more active in the /r/whisky subs.

I'll be travelling to Italy with my fiancee and her family at the end of August, we'll mainly be staying in Turino. They're not very big on alcohol although can be partial to wine here and there and I've managed to get them to leave a day of the trip open to go taste some wine.

I'd really like to try some Barolo and Barbaresco wines. I've tried a few of both here and there but am no expert. We'll have one day, and will be driving ourselves. I was wondering if anyone has been to the area and can recommend some wineries that are worth seeing, preferably with somewhere to eat a good lunch as well and to impress the non-vinos.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Submitted July 30, 2017 at 03:30AM by shane_il
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