Vivino Black? via /r/wine

Vivino Black?

I just got an interesting email from Vivino. It's an app I use to identify and remember wines. (It snaps a picture and looks up the bottle.

We’re excited to invite you to the exclusive Vivino Black program. Vivino Black is an invite-only program for a select group of users to thank you for using and trusting Vivino. With Vivino Black, you will receive free shipping on any purchase you make through the Vivino app.

With this program, there are no minimum bottles and no minimum value for free shipping on purchases through the Vivino app. When you check out, you will have free shipping already applied to your cart.

Please take this time to uncork your Vivino Black status and rediscover the newly updated Vivino App. The Vivino App is now more user friendly with a new shopping cart experience that allows for different bottles per checkout, and a smarter, more personalized wine recommendation system. You can also find all the same handpicked Vivino deals from online directly in the app.

Seems interesting, like amazon prime for wine. Anyone ever bought wine from them? Just want to see if I'm getting into a scam of some sort.

Submitted July 28, 2017 at 02:27PM by ampsonic
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