Can anyone help me make vermouth? via /r/wine

Can anyone help me make vermouth?


I know this is wine, but the r/vermouth is small and I figured some of you might help me.

I've been brewing beer for 6 years and making mead for 4. I have never made wine (should I do that first?), but I love vermouth. My wife and I went to Spain for our honey moon a few years ago and spent a by of time in Catalonia. Specifically we went to a vermouth bar in Barcelona called Casa Mariol. We lugged three liters in my backpack for miles that day as we walked around. That stuff was delicious. From the what I found out by the owners they use the solera method (I'm familiar with it but I'm sure it's an advanced method for vermouth as well).

I would really like to make vermouth, but unlike beer and mead my first time I have no idea where to start. I learn really well from books so if you can recommend any good ones that would help. Please also let me know if there's equipment I'd need that a brewer wouldn't have.


Submitted July 27, 2017 at 11:03PM by TheTinRam
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