Advanced/Intermediate Book Recommendation? via /r/wine

Advanced/Intermediate Book Recommendation?

I'm looking for a book (or other resource) that will get me to the next level of understanding wine and winemaking. My dream book would teach me:

  • Agricultural choices a winemaker makes and how those influence the final product;
  • Highly​ detailed and technical information about things a winemaker can do, like SO2, batonnage, malolactic, egg yolk filtration, barrel aging, etc;
  • How the soil and geography of the land and weather influence the final product;
  • Information about vintages, major weather events in major regions in those vintages, etc;
  • Perhaps some information about the politics of winemaking, like classification systems etc.;

Notice that these things are about fact and concrete information. I emphatically do not want:

  • A book loaded with the author's opinions of different wines that I'll likely never drink;
  • A book where half the bulk is just a catalog of different producers and vineyards;
  • Another damned book that dedicates large chapters to trying to teach me how to taste wine, no "first swirl then sniff then gurgle…", no flavor wheels, etc;
  • An outdated book, probably this means something published or updated 2007 or later(?)

Thank you in advance.

Submitted July 27, 2017 at 12:15PM by chworktap
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