Overwhelmed noob. Looking for some guidance, resources, ideas, etc. via /r/wine

Overwhelmed noob. Looking for some guidance, resources, ideas, etc.

Title says it all. What are some tips or ideas that you would suggest for someone "consciously" new to wine? What was your experience?

Even if I have been a wine drinker for most of my life so far, it's just recently that I started to develop an interest and to pay attention to what I drink.

I have been reading and learning around, and trying new stuff, to the point where it has become a big hobby. This is probably super silly but a month ago I started a journal where I write down what I like, dislike, and my overall experience with new stuff that I try. My goal with it is to document my experience so I can become aware of my own personal tastes, and in the process, to learn about the why's and where's and when's of wine.

The journal thing has not been very helpful tho, probably because: 1) I probably need to familiarize myself more with descriptive terminology that might help me organize my "wine-experimenting journaling" better. Especially when it comes to notes, aromas, etc.; and 2) There is just soooooooooo much stuff to try.

My brother has suggested I join one of those wine club/subscription things. But from most reviews I've read they seem not helpful and mediocre at best.

I do realize that this sense of "overwhelm" is not entirely a bad thing, and in a way, it's something that excites me about this topic. 🙂 There is so much to wine! It reminds me of music theory haha

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