how long will wine last after you first open it? via /r/wine

how long will wine last after you first open it?

Im new to wine (and alcohol in general) and got my first taste about a week or so ago. I got a bottle of pinot Noir ventisquero reserva and it was so fucking horrible I couldn't drink more than a sip or 2 of it and went back and got something else which was much better, a bottle of Sutter home white Merlot (California).

Im reading online that generally wine only last 3-7 days, and thats in a fridge? Im still living with my parents who arn't exactly favorably disposed to alcohol, so its been sitting in the bottom of my closet whenever I'm not drinking it. It doesn't take much for me to feel it so Im not exactly drinking a ton every time I do drink (probably less than half a glass at a time). Like, a little less than half the bottle is left at this point. Do I need to try to finish it up in the next few days? is it already bad?

i wouldn't know what bad wine taste like, Since litterally this is the only thing I have for comparison. I will say that its gone down a LOT easier the last few times Ive drank it, but Im not sure if thats not just because Im getting use to the whole warm sensation as I drink it thing (I never had alcohol before this so that was a suprise).

Anyways, how long will those 2 bottles keep? how do I know when they have gone bad?

Submitted July 22, 2017 at 09:54PM by wineforme1
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