Another Celebrity Wine – Why? via /r/wine

Another Celebrity Wine – Why?

Silly stunt by Kendall Jackson making Drew Barrymore look like she's got her hands dirty making wine. I am all for celebrities doing whatever they want, but this product is 99% hype and 1% legit. Maybe 100% hype. Take Keanu Reeves for example. He really loves motorcycles. So much so that when he asked for a custom redesign of a part, he went down the slippery slope of creating a new motorcycle company and was loathe to self-promote it.

But here we have KJ and their Carmel Road facility. Your average consumer may not have any clue that Carmel Road is a KJ property. You click on the Drew-wine link and poke around and there's no mention of KJ anywhere.

From Drew…allegedly:

I am passionate about wine. There is so much to discover and experience and my travels help me do that. Barrymore Pinot Grigio is made from Monterey grown grapes which is adjacent to the beautiful Blue Grand Canyon section of the Pacific ocean where extreme winds and deep, cold water create the perfect mix of fog and cool temperatures, ideal for growing the perfect grape. Please enjoy this varietal around the table, a place where I feel some of the best memories are made.

Again, celebrities are free to do as they choose. Just slapping your name on a product is pretty cheesy and not very genuine. It's sad that I can think of more BS celebrity wines than authentic ones.

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