2017 Dr. Ongo ‘Pet Nat’ Pinot Noir, Tasmania via /r/wine

2017 Dr. Ongo ‘Pet Nat’ Pinot Noir, Tasmania

Wine Name "Dr Ongo"
Vintage 2017
Variety/Blend Pinot Noir
Region Tasmania, Australia
Producer/Vineyard Dr Edge
Alcohol 12.5%
Closure Crown Seal
Price $AUD33.33
Tasting Notes
-Sight Cloudy bright pink with effervescence.
-Smell Strawberry, stewed rhubarb & cherries.
-Taste A frizzante supported by a fine acid run the line and length of this dry wine. Generously proportioned. Primary strawberry and cream texturescharacters overlay a taunt Tahitian lime note that is expertly poised. The length has multiple layers to it, requiring a change of gear for the drinker and binoculars for distant focal length. High tension with a fun fresh zest. Irrepressible!!
Overall Opinion Fun fine wine, though the label might scare young children. Complex, nuanced and highly delectable. A gamut of flavours. Pronounced definitive notes highlighted by racy acidity that is complimented with cherries and embellished with a sparkle.
Picture Label Image

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