(Mostly) Barolo night via /r/wine

(Mostly) Barolo night

The other night we had a Barolo night. It was actually surprisingly easy to get relative old vintages and sure thing will start stocking more older vintages from now on.

We started off with the '64 as I managed to break the cork in advance of the '61. We opted also not to breath to long which seemed a good choice later on.

The '64 unfortunately while not spoiled didn't taste typical barolo either. It felt very over time. On the noose very little there, taste wise not much either only slightly acidic and the aftertaste rather sour (not the right word, it's a bit odd to translate to me but in Dutch we say "wrang").

The '61 still without a sieve we poured carefully and was rather a delight. On the noose much more like a barolo, bits of vanilla and oak. Taste wise far far more pleasing. Pleasant in the mouth, fruity, full bodied, bit of leather like. The aftertaste rather gentle yet hints of fruit still there.

The '90 again on the noose there but more robust. Also shows in the colour where the '61 almost was like a beajolais colourwise is the '90 dark and dense. Tastwise powerful, cherry/leather like and full bodied. The after taste rather nice, powerful and lengthy.

Next a '95 Bricco I would actually say very similar to the '90 Barolo though more with hints of licorice in the background with vanilla.

Unfortunately from here taste wise it all went rather downhill especially considering we had roughly two bottles per person. I would say certainly the '61 was a highlight though. We finished already a few beer, the Claridon and Guidalberto in advance (also great wine though not the point for that night).

Coming back over time to the older wines while progressing through the others the choice to open rather late instead of letting them breath seemed a good choice. I would say roughly 1 to 1,5 hour after opening the noose as well after taste seemed to wane off.

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