Napa/Sonoma recommendations for Christmas? via /r/wine

Napa/Sonoma recommendations for Christmas?

Hi Guys – Im new here. I hope I'm not breaking too many rules already.

Anyway, my husband + my in laws and I will be going up to Napa + Sonoma for Dec 21st-26th. We will be staying in Downtown Napa (thats a place, right?) and we are working on our itinerary as we speak.

I have noticed that a majority of places are (understandably) closed for christmas eve + christmas day. Do any of you have any suggestions on where we should eat for christmas eve or christmas day? Any experiences we must do? Cooking classes? Anything, really…

Totally open to suggestions.

Again, sorry if I broke any rules… let me know and I will re-format my post accordingly!

Submitted July 06, 2017 at 03:50PM by lostatsea93
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