Traveling to Tuscany – here are a few places we visit every year that I know you will love! (wineries, restaurants, villages) via /r/wine

Traveling to Tuscany – here are a few places we visit every year that I know you will love! (wineries, restaurants, villages)

Wineries –

Setriolo – Suzanna is the owner and contact She will set up a tasting or her amazing wines with some food/lunch. I recommend her winery and wines 100% for a very small production winery whose wines have been featured at a 2 star michelin restaurant in the past. Tell her Jeremy and Molly Young sent you! She also has a place to rent out which is right on the vineyard and in the heart of Chianti

Erta – Incredibly small production of great wines – 600 bottles a year Varno will do a tasting but try to buy 3 bottles of his wine as he needs to open a bottle for you. The 2010, 2011 Riservas are fantastic if he has any left. He also has a place to stay on property though I haven’t seen inside. Tell him Jeremy and Molly Young sent you!

Az. Agr. Sovestro in Poggio – "Agriturismo Guardastelle" Located in San Gimignano Amazing white wines, but their Chianti was faulty You can order a lunch here overlooking the city and they will pair it with their wines The place looks incredible to stay at.

Fontodi – Yes, it’s large. But their wines are amazing and the winery is fantastic. No charge for tastings

Le Ragnaie Smaller Brunello producer – no charge for tastings Amazing wines – recommended to me by a master somm friend

In Montalcino – Enoteca Di Piazza They have 100 wines on tap – grab a card and try 1oz pours of everything. They ship to the US and have some specials of wines that they will ship for free – but it sucks as it’s the wines they are trying to push.

Villages that are MUST SEE – Stop by the shoe store and pick up some awesome italian shoes for under $100 – it’s what I wear every day There is also a decent wine tasting – can’t remember the winery but it’s the only one there. Get a bottle of white wine and a cheese place from one of the two stores/shops there and just sit and enjoy!

Volterra and San Gimignano – must see villages in Tuscany!

Tuscany is the most beautiful area of the entire world which keeps us coming back every year. Enjoy it and just take time to visit the smaller villages around the area. We don’t even spend any more time in Florence or Siena, we find the smaller villages to sit down, drink wine and talk to people. WE LOVE IT!

Food – NEED RESERVATIONS AT ALL OF THESE (except lunch at the Castle)

Arnolfo – Michelin 2 Stars – only 4 tables. AMAZING Expect to pay $200 per person including wine pairings We’ve been twice and we will return every time we are in town 20 Minutes south of Florence Tell them Jeremy & Molly Young sent you

Castile de Casole – Wow! Incredible place to stay in Tuscany – probably the best in Europe. If you don’t want to pay the price to stay, go for lunch or dinner. Lunch – eat at the bar and get their Pici pasta (sit outside if you can) Dinner – eat at their main restaurant Their on-property wine isn’t good – pass on it Their wine list is spectacular

Osteria del Borgo in Mensano Trust me on this one, the single restaurant in a SMALL village of 100 people. Go before sunset, walk to the top of the village to the small park and see the views. It’s out of this world. This restaurant is run by a brother and sister and we go every year. Inexpensive and DELICIOUS! Tell them Jeremy & Molly Young sent you!

Le Logge del Vignola in Montepulciano Best restaurant in the city by far Not too expensive – just great food

My wife and I will be heading to Piedmont and Bordeaux next April – if anyone has this type of information for traveling there, I’d love to have you share it with me!

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