Advice for buying a wine fridge via /r/wine

Advice for buying a wine fridge

After discovering my current storage room isn't cool enough for keeping wine long term, I'm now looking to get a fridge/storage device and wanted to get the thoughts of others. I've done some reading so far and here are a few things I think I'll want:

-storage for 28 to 40 bottles -quieter -single zone probably fine as I mostly only drink red though dual could be interesting -free-standing rather than under counter

I've seen a few for $400 to $500 that look good and notice the scores for cheaper ones often cite noise or performance issues. I've also seen some that are $1000 to $2000 from brands like KitchenAid… is it worth shelling out more for these varieties? If it's to store wine for a decade, will that make the difference? Also how much do they generally cost annually? Have been looking mostly on Home Depot and Amazon websites. Am in Canada.

Thanks for the advice!

Submitted July 06, 2017 at 01:53AM by Vorenvs
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