How should I store my wines? How do you store yours? via /r/wine

How should I store my wines? How do you store yours?

My ex got all the wine in the divorce, and I'm about ready to start rebuilding in earnest. I have laid down about 120 bottles and probably will make it to 300 in the next year or two. My favorite wines are Margaux, other Bordeaux, and 1er/Grand Cru Burgundies and some of them will want 15-20 years of cellaring.

I've been looking into wine cabinets, temperature and humidity control, that cost $2000-4000 and have 200-300 bottle capacity. Right now wine is stored in a guest bedroom on the non-sunny side of the house that ranges from 63-73 degrees F (17-23 C), year in, year out; it once reached 75 degrees F (24 C) during what passes for a heat wave here. Humidity is constant 45% there, so a bit dry for the health of the corks.

If I were going to go to temperature/humidity control, targeting 55 degrees F and slightly higher humidity, the way I see it is I have 3 options. One is buy wine refrigerators. Another is just cool the whole room, maybe adding a humidifier. I could do this with a $300 window unit and some weatherstripping around the door – I have guests very rarely. The third is rent professional storage space; the one outfit around here offering that service burned to the ground 2 years ago, and wine owners got an insurance check, but that doesn't get you your wine back.

What would you do in my place?

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