Wine from the discount grocery store – so, so awful! via /r/wine

Wine from the discount grocery store – so, so awful!

This is the first time I post in /r/wine, so please forgive me if this is redundant. I have recently tried my luck buying European wines in the 5-10 dollar range at my local discount grocery stores, mainly Grocery Outlet (a West Coast-only chain, I believe). Like Trader Joe's and Aldi (in Europe), they have a reputation for selling hidden gems at rock-bottom prices.

Well, with one exception – a $5.99 Spanish Grenache, which is quite drinkable – I have been blown away by how awful most of this wine is. Like, Just-pour-it-into-the-sink awful. I grew up in the Upper Rhine area in Europe, where a 5-bucks bottle of decent wine is not uncommon, so I refuse to believe that there aren't any hidden treasures to be had, but I certainly haven't found them. I am thinking of all the poor souls who take these horrible wines home and think they have to like whatever gunk they bought because it's European and has a fancy label. And all the laughing wholesalers and wine merchant who know exactly what sort of piss they export and import.

Anyways, I think I'll stick to West Coast wines whenever I'm in the US and want to stay in the budget price range. So many wonderful wines around $10! (I love the Columbia Crest Grand Estates series, for example.) But I'm wondering – am I doing the discount grocery store shopping wrong? Am I missing something? What are your experiences? Any secrets you might want to share?

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