**Monthly Wine Challenge – JULY 2017 Selection Post!!!** via /r/wine

**Monthly Wine Challenge – JULY 2017 Selection Post!!!**

NOTE: I am posting this selection post early for two reasons: 1) I have been informed (thanks, /u/PhoenixRising20!) that liquor stores in Ontario may be subject to strikes next week, and so Canadian wine challengers need a heads-up, and 2) My marriage anniversary is July 1, and I may not be able to make the post on its expected date anyways. So there you go. If you still have notes to post for the June challenge, please do so! You have until the end of the month. Don't miss out on that Chianti!

And now, to July. Thanks much to /u/glodime, who sent me many fine suggestions. One of his suggestions was one I had been thinking about recently, so we'll put it into action.

Country: Portugal

Varietal/Variety: Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde is not a grape varietal, but a DOC – a protected production designated for a specific type of Portuguese wine. It's a young wine, and may be red, white, or rose. They tend to have a tiny bit of effervescence, so they're light and refreshing.

For this challenge, you may choose any color/grape you like; in your notes, you'll need to mention of which grapes your wine is composed.

Remember, I'll put up the tasting notes post on the 15th. When posting your notes, you'll need: 1) the name of the wine, the producer, the grapes(s), the origin and the year, 2) a photo of your box and a filled glass; 3) your detailed tasting notes, and 4) your recommendation (whether great or gross).

This one will probably be a more challenging type of wine to find than we've had in a few months. Do your best to seek one out! Maybe you'll find your new favorite!

Thanks for understanding about the early post. See you on July 15!

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