Trip to Finger Lakes wine region – summary of wineries visited via /r/wine

Trip to Finger Lakes wine region – summary of wineries visited

We got to spend several days visiting parts of the Finger Lakes AVA in New York state. We had our two dogs with us, so we mainly visited wineries that were dog friendly, fortunately most of them are. Anyway, we had a great time, tasted a lot of wonderful wines (and a few meads), and bought about 5 cases altogether. See below for a short summary of each place we visited.

DAY 1 – Seneca Lake, west side

Lakewood Vineyards – nice tasting room, wines good but not exceptional. Bought a couple.

Magnus Ridge Winery – pleasant, european styling, but somewhat dark and music was loud. Sat outside with dogs. Each wine of the tasting paired with a cheese. Saw a large snapping turtle crossing the parking lot, told staff, they went to look for it but the beast had vanished!

Glenora Wine Cellars – larger than most, very friendly, wines very good! Great view of the lake. Walked around the grounds and saw huge old barrels. Bought half a case of various wines, including one riesling as gift for Ondine.

DAY 2 – Seneca Lake, west side

Serenity Vineyards – tasting room in section of the winemaking facility (big garage/warehouse building full of tanks & barrels). Friendly staff. Chose to visit here because they specialize in dry wines. Wines all very good. Cooper's name written on barrels.

Torrey Ridge Winery – informal tasting room tacked on front of the winery building. Dogs were noisy so sat outside most of the time. Mix of very serious (or at least pretentiously labeled) dry wines and funny "redneck" sweet wines – we tasted mainly dry. Not all that good, didn't buy much.

Earle Estate Meadery – informal tasting room tacked on the side of the same winery building as Torrey Ridge – very similar room but a little friendlier atmosphere, the girl working there gave treats to the dogs. A few dry wines but mostly off-dry and semi-sweet meads and mead/fruit-wine blends. Meads were all very good, bought several. Got a special sparkling mead for Mary K.

Miles Wine Cellar – picked this for the nice scenery/view. Tasting room in small 19th-century manor, apparentle haunted. Lovely view of lake. Wines mostly quite good, staff friendly. Walked down to the lakeshore with dogs. Bought scarf, soap and t-shirt.

Hermann J Wiemer Vineyard – smallish tasting room facility, had very nice tasting on a shady outdoor patio. Staff friendly and knowlegable, plus gave us a bowl of water for the dogs. Neal had the regular tasting, Julie had the special dry riesling tasting, plus a separate pour of the Brut Cuvee '12. Wines ranged from very good to superb. Bought many.

[Went to Bellangelo on assumption they had food, but they didn't. Young lady in tasting room recommended FLX Wienery – went there for lunch and was very good.]

Fulkerson Winery – big, open, airy tasting room. Staff busy at first, but then nice. Had 10-year-old girl hanging around (niece of employee?) who took Maggie for walks around the facility and gave both dogs treats. Wines ranged from so-so to quite good, bought a few.

Villa Bellangelo – large, pleasant tasting room. Was empty when we arrived except for friendly tasting room staffer. She gave treats to the dogs and was very friendly. Tasted many wines, including unusual "Bench" series which involved treating white grapes like reds. Some wines so-so, but most very good. Nice view of the lake. As we were nearly finished, a big group showed up and wanted to pet our dogs.

DAY 3 – no wineries on this day

DAY 4 – Keuka Lake

Keuka Spring Vineyards – nice tasting room built into corner of the wine production building. Unfortunately, the patio had been freshly sealed, which interfered with bouquet somewhat. Liked the wines, bought several. Friendly staff, nice view.

Barrington Cellars – very small winery, modest tasting room. Had turkey vulture pictures on most of their labels. Friendly, but wines mostly weren't to our taste, only bought one.

Ravines Wine Cellars – nice, medium-sized tasting room, very knowlegable staff. Also quite dog-friendly. Liked their wines very much, especially the dry whites. Good view of Keuka.

Heron Hill Winery – very large, specially built tasting room with exceptionally nice view of Keuka and surrounding area. Friendly staff, gave the dogs treats. Large variety of wines, mostly very good.

Dr. Frank's Vinifera Wine Cellars – very famous place, one of the oldest wineries in the region, and proved that vinifera varietals could be successful in the Finger Lakes region. Unfortunately, the tasting room was not dog-friendly, so had to take turns. Wines ranged from good to excellent; especially liked their sparkling wines (Chateau Frank label). Bought quite a bit.

Hunt Country Vineyards – pleasant and friendly tasting room; had cafe that looked nice but we got there too late to try it. Wines quite good, bought several.

Vineyard View Winery – Very nice, new tasting room, lovely view of the lake. Wines ranged from fair to very good, bought a couple. Met one of the winemakers and had very interesting chat with him about vineyard and winery.

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