When did you first enjoy wine? via /r/wine

When did you first enjoy wine?

I remember the first time i actually enjoyed a sip of wine. I was 14 I was celebrating I think my grandmother and grandfathers anniversary or something. So they bought champagne(sparkling white wine) and alcohol free sparkling white wine for the children. So i poured myself a glass of the alcohol free one, I remember it was quite dry and a little sour, I enjoyed it. Then later on in the evening I asked my mom if I could compare both of them, so she poured me a sip in another glass. Now before this moment, any time i tasted anything over 10% alcohol i would spit it out because I could only taste the alcohol. Now I took a sip from the alcohol free one and it tasted like expected. Now that i had drank the alcohol free one, I went for a sip of the other glass. At first when it my tounge I only tasted alcohol, but 2 seconds later i began to feel a sweet taste(a subtle one) from the wine and that is when it "clicked" for me, I could finally understand why people liked this drink. So while I didn't really like the taste I could still enjoy that sip because I finally understood why people liked it and it wasn't this one dimensional drink that I had thought it was.

tldr: I was 14 when I began to "enjoy" it. Before I would spit it out ,then I could actually drink a few sips.

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