Thoughts on the book “Cork Dork” (plus when to open a 2013 Jamet Cote-Rotie) via /r/wine

Thoughts on the book “Cork Dork” (plus when to open a 2013 Jamet Cote-Rotie)

Bianca Bosker's book "Cork Dork" triggered discussion in other publications, but there hasn't been much here. What did you all think?

u/JeffEckles made one post to gather questions to ask the author, and that post includes a link to his actual podcast episode with her, which is pretty complimentary of the book.

As an industry outsider, I enjoyed the "behind the scenes" views of the wine trade in restaurants and scientific labs. I liked the "rookie to expert" narrative within the book. There wasn't much discussion about a typical winery, or many of the other basics, but the book didn't need it. The alleged "rebellious anti-snob" narrative didn't strike me as a big deal, nor did her kind words for manufactured wines. People like what they like.

I'd recommend the book, but only as a second or third book to read about wine, and for people who already have some knowledge and love for wine. The movie "Somm: Into the bottle" struck me the same way: a love-letter to wine and vineyards that makes sense if you're already into wine, but might not be a great introduction for people just getting started.

The book also inspired me to buy a bottle of 2013 Jamet Cote-Rotie, and I want to avoid infanticide. Any thoughts on opening/drinking/decanting now versus holding on to it? I'm well equipped to go either way, or even get another cheaper "drink now" bottle to try Cote-Rotie now, and give it the time needed. Cheers.

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