I may have made a mistake with shipping some wine via /r/wine

I may have made a mistake with shipping some wine

Long time lurker, first time poster. Be kind of my ignorance and folly.

I was recently in Texas and bought a case of wine at Kiepersol winery in Tyler, and they wouldn't/couldn't ship it out of state. My airline didn't allow wine in checked baggage, so I made arrangements with my buddy to ship it to me. Due to a miscommunication, he shipped it ground instead of 2 day…and he didn't do anything to protect it from heat.

It arrived to my local FedEx DC Saturday morning, where they promptly loaded it onto a truck…….and left it. They left it in the heat in the back of a truck until yesterday. To make matters worse, they didn't deliver properly to my house, so it sat on the truck again overnight. I re-routed it, and the wine is now safely in a dark cool corner of my home.

I inspected all of the bottles, and none of the corks are distended. However, I removed the foil from one of the bottles(2011 cab sauv), and I noticed a little purple around the edges of the cork. Did I stupidly submit my wine to seepage? If yes, what are the consequences of a case of red sitting in a hot fedex truck for 3.5 days?

Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

Submitted June 13, 2017 at 12:38PM by grains_r_us
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