Rant: Young kids don’t care about wine. Stop bringing them to wineries. via /r/wine

Rant: Young kids don’t care about wine. Stop bringing them to wineries.

Yeah, I'm ranting a bit here – I apologize in advance for the cranky tone. Had to chase some 6-7 year-olds in the barrel room the other day. I indulged the dad who wanted to see it and thought his gaggle of young kids would give a shit (they didn't, but found it fun to remove bungs from barrels). Lesson learned, never doing that again. Don't know why I was being so nice. Maybe because it was a slow hour.

The week before that, a large family showed up without a reservation (all 15 of them) and was a bit taken aback we couldn't accommodate them for individual tastings, even though we make it clear (from Yelp to the sign) that we require a res for groups of 9 or larger (so we can be staffed appropriately). Their kids were loud, running everywhere, climbing on farming equipment, and being a general OSHA and parenting nightmare, and other guests were clearly annoyed.

Seriously, folks. Very, very few wineries are kid-friendly. Even so-called "destination" wineries rarely are equipped to handle kids. Some of those cater to bachelorette parties or frat boys, which is close enough, but still. Even those which have ancillary activities (farm animals, picnic areas) rarely are ideal spots to bring your entire family. There are adults walking or sitting around with wine glasses and who generally come here to enjoy grown-up time.

So hire a sitter, or leave the kids at your parents, or find whatever arrangement you can if you're planning on going wine tasting or visiting a winery. The staff isn't paid to watch your kids. Your tiny ones will get bored, touch things they're not supposed to, annoy other guests, and generally be a nuisance.

I think some people assume all wineries are the same, that just because you can bring the entire gang to V.Sattui, the rest of the wineries out there can provide the same experience. But no.

Now I'm sure there might be a few wineries out there who have grounds where kids are welcome. Seek those out if you insist on taking the kids with you (or if you don't have a choice). Thank you!

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