Wine Wall Question – Humidity & Condensation via /r/wine

Wine Wall Question – Humidity & Condensation


About a month and a half ago I completed a project to build a wine wall (corner) in my basement. See a pic here –

The closet is controlled by an AC unit hooked up to a custom circuit I built to control when the AC kicks in and out. With it running now for a few months and temps getting warmer I have a few questions/concerns.

  • Temperature wise I think I'm pretty good I have two thermostats that both show the temp fluctuation is about 1.2 degrees over the course of the last month.

  • Humidity range is higher with it generally hovering around 55% – is this too low? Should I add a humidifier or maybe even a simple glass with some water in it?

  • Today for the first time I noticed a pretty signficant amount of condensation on the outside of the glass directly in front of the AC. Is that a sign of a flaw? Should I try to disperse the air from the AC more so its not directly hitting the glass?

Any other thoughts on the design how I can improve it?

Submitted June 11, 2017 at 01:49PM by fsa317
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