What’s your favorite wine story? via /r/wine

What’s your favorite wine story?

I'll share mine.

I'm 23 and five years ago (in 2012 when I was 18) my family took a trip to Italy. We visited Venice, Florence and Rome, but while in Florence we took a couple days to explore around Tuscany. This was long before I – or anyone in my family – was interested in wine, mind you. Anyways, we came across a beautiful walled hill town called San Gimignano that we found fascinating and extremely aesthetically pleasing. We climbed to the top of the main tower in the town and looked around at the rolling hills of Tuscany and just took in the beauty of the place. It was truly incredible. To this day it remains the most memorable experience of the trip.

Five years (and a college degree) later I got a job at a wine shop in downtown Indianapolis. After a few weeks on the job, I discovered a bottle hiding in a back room and wondered how it got there. I pulled it out from under the shelf and the label said it was a Vernaccia di San Gimignano. San Gimignano… why do I recognize that name? Oh yeah! It hit me – that was the cool hill town my family visited five years ago! I looked for a vintage and sure enough – 2012! I quickly did some research online and found the location of the winery. It is just south of the town, and the Vernaccia vineyards are mostly north-facing and can be seen from the towers of San Gimignano. So it turns out that five years ago I had personally seen the vineyards, and the grapes, which would go into the wine that would be on the shelf at the wine shop that I would end up working at all those years later. It's a small world, isn't it?

So of course I took the bottle home, but I have yet to drink it because I'd like to make yet another special memory out of it. Any suggestions?

I'd love to hear any interesting stories you all might have – I'm sure with all the combined experience of the wine professionals on this subreddit that there are some great ones!

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