Can someone explain the “winery direct” at Total Wine? via /r/wine

Can someone explain the “winery direct” at Total Wine?

So my experience with the bourbon side, the "spirits direct" stuff is just beyond awful, Two Star, Winchester etc. I don't know the specifies but they've said this one is made at this distillery or that one etc (like Sazerac aka Buffalo Trace which I love) yet the "spirits direct" from same place suck, though some are confusing as may be under a companies label but bottled elsewhere.

But I just had some "winery direct" wines and they were excellent, especially the Sheridan Vineyards Cab for $30. I'm wondering the difference? It seems like the spirits direct is either mis mash of left over stuff or who gives a fuck recipe lol and aged young = awful, but the winery directs I was so hesitant b/c of that but completely changed my mind.

I ended up back there last night and picked up another Sheridan Cab, as well as my 4 Roses SiB and Wild Turkey Rare Breed 116 Barrel mmmm 😉

I was actually looking for Obsidian Ridge after reading about it on here but can't find in South FL, Total said they had only 1 bottle in their system and it was in Texas store, ABC/Crown etc don't have it either nor mom and pop stores I checked with.

Submitted June 10, 2017 at 08:34AM by viperquick82
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