When would you buy wine insurance? via /r/wine

When would you buy wine insurance?

I had a scare the other day. Put three magnums into the back of the car Saturday morning to take to the offsite wine locker. On way to wine locker we detour to the mall. Was suppose to be a quick in and out she said! Long story short the wine sat in the car about two hours. When we finally get to the locker I noticed a few small drops of red wine below the neck of two of the bottles. It got warm but not crazy warm (or so I thought).

Either way, got me thinking. Is wine insurance worth it? Insurance that covers more than just theft but also heat or flood damage. At what level would you consider buying insurance? At what value would you buy insurance? Does anyone have experience with wine insurance?

I was discussing with one provider and it was $275 for $50,000 blanket coverage. $50,000 is the minimum coverage, so if your collection is $25k, you are still going to pay for 50.

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