Touring France: Champange- Chablis- Burgundy- Jura- Rhone……. Recommendations? via /r/wine

Touring France: Champange- Chablis- Burgundy- Jura- Rhone……. Recommendations?

Champagne is pretty sorted, as we're there for my birthday, boom!

Gimonnet, Hure Freres, Bereche, Drappier, and I do wanna go see Bollinger

So given how Champagne shaped up, it's all surprisingly slim on the rest- like, other than La Chablisienne, I seriously don't have anything until we hit the Macon… While I'd love to be hooked up enough to go talk to places like Raveneau, Dauvissat, Ramonet, Rousseau et al, I ain't. And it doesn't have to be that kinda level, I'm sure there are interesting non-500-bucks-a-bottle things happening, they just tend not to float down to NZ all that often.

Been waiting for the guys at the local French importers to flick some stuff through to me for the last 4 weeks, and not heard anything back from them despite a coupla reminders- feel bad hassling them any further as I know they're pretty swamped at the moment, buuuut we're on the ground doin' it next week!!

Guess that may well come through yet, but I'd rather not rock up for 3 days in each region without a coupla things in place, ideally.

Sitting in Germany at the moment, we pick up my fiance's dad's big fuck off German camper van in coupla days, then across to Belgium, then down that Eastern side of France, round the coast into North of Italy (Foradori the highlight there, any other ideas gratefully received) and back into Germany via Switzerland.

Will get a chance to see a few things once we're back here as well so, again, any tips past Muller Catoir…..

Looks like we'll get time to do a quick run into Austria after we're in Czech Republic seeing another friend, so:

Zalto factory is something I'm very much looking forward to, as well as


Rudi Pichler

(plus whatever standouts you got!)

Happy to go see a few of the main players if nothing else comes up, but really what we wanna do is get the lay of the land, ideally go stand amongst some vines up some slopes with some peeps who can impart some reasonable depth of knowledge. I don't wanna feel like I'm wasting people's time, (or them to feel that's the case, either) happy to buy decent wine as well.

We will have bikes, so if there are any good online resources that might allow us to do some of that ourselves, I'd be keen to know.

Are there people who run tours in these regions, focusing on that kinda thing??

With some serious(ish) geographical/geological depth, rather than the generic 'That's ya slopes, good shit's up yonder, the plonk comes from down here, here's a winery, grapes go in that end and then wine comes out over there, try these basic but acceptable wines' deal.

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