***Monthly Wine Challenge – June 2017 Selection Post!!!*** via /r/wine

***Monthly Wine Challenge – June 2017 Selection Post!!!***

Greetings, Monthly Wine Challengers! Ah, June – according to the very old song, it's the month of silvery moons, spooning and swooning. A romantic time, to be sure, and for a romantic wine as well!

Country: Italy

Variety/Varietal: Chianti

Chianti's reputation used to be that of a cheap wine, sold in those old fiasco bottles with the straw bottoms — good for gulping and then the bottles would be recycled as candle holders in quaint Italian restaurants. However, after much tinkering by winemakers and wrangling of regional regulations, this Tuscan wine has grown more respectable. Today, Chiantis are regarded as good food wines that may be acidic enough for summer drinking, but bold enough for winter drinking (which makes it good for both our Northern and Southern hemispheric drinkers right now!).

Chiantis are made of at least 75% Sangiovese grapes. Chianti Classico wines are medium-bodied, at least 80% Sangiovese, and made in the largest wine sub-region of Chianti, and will have a black rooster seal on them. If you want a more complex version, look for a Chianti Classico Riserva, which has been aged at least 24 months at the wineries. There's also Chianti Superiore, which are wines produced outside the Classico sub-region, but held to stricter production standards. This month's challengers will find a variety to choose from: from inexpensive and playful, to pricey and artistic.

As always, your job for now is to find your bottle! Then, on the 15th, I'll put up the tasting notes post. At that time, you'll be able to post your notes. When posting, be ready to include: 1) the name of the producer, the varietal(s), the origin (if noted) and the year (if noted); 2) a photo of your box and a filled glass; 3) your detailed tasting notes, and 4) your recommendation.

If you're new to wine tasting, you may want to check this out from Wine Enthusiast.

Arrivederci for now! See you all on the 15th!

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