Blaufränkisch – On the rise!? via /r/wine

Blaufränkisch – On the rise!?

Hello r/Wine!

I am an employee at Systembolaget, a government and EU-controlled retailer of alcohol in Sweden.

Being the monopoly holders of alcohol sales in Sweden we, the salesmen, are required to be very well educated and non-biased toward products.

This coming week I've decided to do a small tasting of the different variations of Blaufränkisch with my colleagues. Blaufränkisch, being a grape that seem to be rising immensly in popularity here in northern Europe, has pretty much totally gone rogue on my radar.

We will be comparing a 2013 Burgenland Blaufränkisch, a 2012 Burgenland Zweigelt/Blaufränkisch & a 2014 Etyak Kékfrankos.

What I ask of you is a little bit of information on the grape itself. How does it compare to other grapes? How does it differ in the various regions where it is grown? What is it's main uses?

And finally, is there anything in particular that I should keep in mind before tasting these wines.

Over, out and skål!

Submitted May 25, 2017 at 09:22AM by Gunzpewpew
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