“TIFU”- Wine Edition via /r/wine

“TIFU”- Wine Edition

Hello fellow wine enthusiasts! I would like to share with you a tale that transpired this very morning. This was a "TIFU" not by me, but a co-worker.

It all started with a newsletter. A simple, informative newsletter sent out to all our customers of the company as of which I am employed.

Now mind you, this is a newsletter written by a co-worker who was little to no knowledge of wine, she is merely there to create marketing campaigns, boost online sales – oh and write newsletters . But I digress. The newsletter mentioned an open wine tasting in our store and the few bottles we would open for the customers to try out – even free of charge, how about that?

What was supposed to be a simple gesture on our part, somehow turned crazy when we turn to open the store today. We had nearly 30-40 people cramped up outside, ready to storm the gates. It looked like Black Friday out there!

They ALL wanted to taste the wines. NOW. And mind you it's 10.00 o'clock in the morning. Anywho, I proceed to the tasting area. They wanted to taste the "Pingus". Commonly, people mistake or simply call the "Flor de Pingus"(second wine of Pingus) by the same name. I reach for the Flor de Pingus and my Coravin. They quickly protest saying it's the wrong bottle. "You people had advertised for a tasting of the Pingus!" One proclaims. I pull up my phone, shuffle through the newsletter… sure enough, my dear co-worker had offered a tasting for a bottle not worth 100$(Flor de Pingus) – but a bottle of Pingus worth 1,000$. I talked the mob out of the mistake, but it took almost a personal apology for every single person there. Believe me, today was one heck of a trainwreck day…

TLDR; My co-worker with no experience in wine, sent out newsletter offering a tasting of a 1,000$ bottle of wine, mistaking it for a 100$ bottle of wine. Mayhem ensued.

Submitted May 24, 2017 at 05:52AM by Gruxie
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