Proper vintage shops in Côte d’Azur, Bourgogne, Normandy? via /r/wine

Proper vintage shops in Côte d’Azur, Bourgogne, Normandy?

(TL;DR – Need recommendations for reputable, high-end vintage wine shops in France; focus on Bordeaux, Rhône, Burgundy in particular.)

Let me begin by saying I'm hugely grateful for all the fantastic advice and information I've been fortunate enough to see from the great posters in this sub. I've lurked for a while, haven't commented a ton, and this is my first post.

My fiancé and I are getting married very soon and shortly thereafter are headed to Europe for a 2-week honeymoon. The honeymoon roughly looks as follows, and is heavy on French wine country:

-Fly into Nice; -Few days in Nice and Monaco (protip: Airmiles saved us thousands on Monaco hotels alone); -Travel to Gilly-lès-Cîteaux and soak in the heart of Bourgogne; -Travel to Caen; -Commemorate the June 6th D-Day invasion by traveling the coast from Cherbourg to Calais; -Calais to Vimy Ridge (Lens/Givenchy area) and on to Bastogne; -Bastogne to Regensburg/Munich area; -Munich for a day; -Bern for a day; -Turin, 2 days in the heart of Piemonte; -Back to Nice and fly home.

I have a few questions to ask the European residents and seasoned travelers here:

  1. Has anyone used SoDivin, in Aigues-Vives? Do they offer a walk-in showroom for purchases, or are they online-only? They're not too far off our intended route from Monaco to Gilly-lès-Cîteaux and Beaune and I want to make a stop there if we can walk in.

  2. Has anyone got first hand experience with Mon Millésime in Beaune? Their selection looks great but is it just a tourist trap?

  3. Does anyone have any hidden gems for well-stored vintage wine in the areas I've listed above?

To give an idea of our tastes, she's a bit newer to the wine side of things but she has enough experience to tell a Montrachet from Kim Crawford Chardonnay. For my part, I've been passionate about fine wine since I was a young man; my family used to put me in charge of the wine list at dinner and I took my informal wine education seriously. I worked in bars throughout college and was exposed to some fantastic tasting opportunities because two of the people I worked with were studying as Sommeliers; I tagged along to private tastings at the wine store they staffed on weekdays and sponged up all I could learn.

This has been detrimental to my wallet but fantastic for my palate, as I'm sure many will agree.

My tastes are varied but generally incline toward French reds. Chateau Margaux and Montrose St. Éstephe for Bordeaux; JL Chave Hermitage and virtually anything Guigal for Rhône; Vosne-Romanée Burgundies are right up my alley, and if I can acquire some impeccably maintained DRC this trip I will (though it'll be a Richebourg or La Tâche to keep the costs in the low 4-digits… yikes).

For whites, I'll fight people off with a stick to grab some more Trimbach Clos Ste. Hune and I'm intrigued to try some Sauternes since I like sweet Mosel-region Piesporters on a hot day but have never (to my knowledge) tried anything in the Sauternes range. The nuttiness from the noble rot and long aging really has my interest piqued.

As for budget, I don't want to get tacky re: finances so let's just say I'm planning on splurging a bit on this trip. I've worked for the past 2+ years far from home in sometimes terrible conditions to make a good future for my fiancée and I, and – damn it! – we're going to enjoy it with some beautiful wines for the important occasions to come. I've just received a promotion at work which makes budget less of a concern than it would have been 6 months ago.

So… where are your favourite shops to pick up beautiful vintages along the route through the heart of the Rhône Valley and past the Hill of Hermitage? How about in Burgundy itself, Beaune or Dijon or…? We can head off the beaten path just fine, as we'll be driving (and no, I will NOT be cooking these wines by leaving them in the trunk or in the car uncooled). We just won't be going into Paris or most other major cities; Lyon and Dijon are about as big as we want to get in France for this trip.

Thanks a million for any and all tips you might have to offer! And I hope I can repay your knowledge somewhere down the road!

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