Wedding Wine Recommendations – Ontario/LCBO via /r/wine

Wedding Wine Recommendations – Ontario/LCBO

Hey guys, my fiancee and I are getting married in a few weeks and would like to firm up our wedding wine order this week. A little help and recommendations would be great!

90 people in attendance. The venue we are using allows us to get a permit for alcohol to be served, we must buy through LCBO since we live in Ontario.

Would like:

  • Red wine – Cocktail/Appy time/Post-Dinner/Dancing (Thoughts? )

  • Red wine – Dinner – I'd like something that is medium bodied, ideally around $15 a bottle. We are serving dinner family style…prime rib, salmon with cream sauce, fresh veg, roasted potatoes, etc.

  • White wine – Something for cocktail/appy time/post dinner/dancing (Thoughts? )

  • White wine – Dinner – Should I do something different?

Also, how much should we buy?

Submitted May 20, 2017 at 02:22PM by psychocactus
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