After a year working in the wine industry as a wine educator via /r/wine

After a year working in the wine industry as a wine educator

Fancy word for bartender, however I also work in the winery. I have learned a few things about wine and wine drinkers. We were the most award wining winery in CA in 2015. In Northern CA and not Napa or Sonoma.

  1. I get surprisingly few douchey wine snobs.

  2. Liking or disliking a wine or type of wine is as subjective as liking types of food, even more so most people have no idea if its a good wine or not.

  3. Middle aged and older women love getting white girl wasted and hitting on me. I have a beard with some gray, longer hair, and look like a homeless mountain man. Perplexing.

  4. 99% of people are only vaguely interested in tasting notes, and love to hear interesting facts about the wine. Ex: Cabernet Sauvignon was actually an accident created in the 17th century Bordeaux region of france….blah blah

Or Malbec actually started in France but was not very pest resistant and never really took off. In 1898 the mayor of Mendoza ordered that Malbec be planted and thebtasknwas undertaken by a French Botanist and it exploded…..yada yada

I've always been a wine fan. I manage a vineyard at the college here. I make wine at home. Its been interesting to see the process.

One thing I learned about wime making on a larger scale….it involves about 85% cleaning stuff.

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