Trip to Germany/France via /r/wine

Trip to Germany/France

Hi! I've been a lurker on this sub for years. I did a couple of searches, and took notes on old posts, but I figured I'd throw up a new post here to see if you guys had any suggestions.

My husband and I are taking a trip in late June/early July to Germany/France. The itinerary looks like this:

Day 1- Fly into Frankfurt, spend the night in Frankfurt. Day 2-4: we're staying at a castle in Oberwesel Day 4-5 Still in the works. Maybe a day on the Mosel and a night in Luxembourrg? Day 5-7- Strasbourg Days 7-10- Paris

We will have a car days 1-7, and we're ditching it in Strasboug and taking the train to Paris for the past few days.

We're psyched to visit as many wineries as possible. I'd like to visit Trimbach, and I've heard that Boppard would be a good town to visit too. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be totally grateful.

Thank you so much!

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