Old and Vintage Wine Hunting via /r/wine

Old and Vintage Wine Hunting

Recently I have taken up Bourbon as a pastime, and have had a lot of fun searching through old mom and pop liquor shops to find discontinued or rare bottles. Bourbon lasts pretty much forever in its bottle, so I dont have to worry about it being bad and the arena of producers is narrow enough that I can ID most things with a quick google search.

In my travels however, sometimes I come across equally old wine caves. Ive found things that appear to have been on a shelf in a dusty shop since the mid 80s or 90s. One of the shops I found has Blue Nun and that really took me back. Im in Japan where Riesling is very popular so a lot of it is that, but theres always a selection of reds, whites and even champagne. With wine though, the selection is much greater than for bourbon, and of course most old wine is not "good" anymore.

I like wine, and think it would be fun to search out older interesting vintages, but I just dont know enough to make an educated decision on what to buy. Are there any rules of thumb here for "dusty" wine hunting? Certain types of wine or vintages that hold up better to age? Or maybe just a few producers to keep an eye out for?

Thanks Wineit

-An Enthusiast

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