Vermouth, specifically Basque vermouth (Atxa) via /r/wine

Vermouth, specifically Basque vermouth (Atxa)

Last Saturday I went to a Basque inspired dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants.

They offered two vermouth drinks made with Basque Vermouth, called Atxa (red and white). The drinks were lovely, both would be great summer drinks. I was wondering if any of you would have more information on them, like which brands are great and where to get them.

The brand I had was Manuel Acha, but until Saturday I didn't even know they made Vermouth in the Basque Country.

Note: IDK if this is the correct sub for it, because vermouth is made with wine, but has added ingredients. However, it doesn't have added alcohol, I don't think. If it's wrong, I would appreciate a recommendation where to post this.

Submitted May 09, 2017 at 09:14AM by chatatwork
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