TN: 1995 Philip Togni Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley via /r/wine

TN: 1995 Philip Togni Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

This wine is rather youthful in a lot of ways. The color is a deep red, fading slightly to the rim. The nose on this is really something — a powerful dark fruit profile blossoms up from the glass. Perhaps a slight greenness here, and some excellent tertiary characteristics.

On the palate, this is just w o w. There is a certain ripeness and purity to the fruit that still shines after 22 years. The tannins have softened and are velvety and supple. Though the wine is powerful, it's also delicate and complex. A second after taking a sip, the wine blossoms on the palate — there is fantastic complexity here,.

Though a real treat, to me it seemed as if the wine was declining most of the time it was open. At the first pour, it was exquisite, but my second glass definitely suffered a bit from its time decanting. It completely fell apart after around two hours . The tannins became grittier, and the fruit dropped out, only leaving some tart acidity in its wake. Thankfully, most of the bottle was long-gone by then!

A really nice experience, all in all. Despite its rather quick decline, this bottle was drinking perfectly for the greater part of an hour — age-wise, this was in a perfect place for my tastes.


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