2013 Domaine Weinbach Riesling Schlossberg, Alsace Grand Cru: via /r/wine

2013 Domaine Weinbach Riesling Schlossberg, Alsace Grand Cru:

I posted my note on the 2014 vintage a while ago, and thought i may as well post my note on the 2013 vintage that i mentioned in that post. This was around November 2016 — enjoy!

After opening this bottle, it was clear that I underestimated just how young this would be. The wine is currently as tight and closed as a fist. That being said, it was definitely enjoyable…

On the nose, the acidity hits you hard. Lots of minerality, citrus, tart green apple, unripe melon. The fruit is far from the tropical profiles you sometimes see in Alsace; though different, it's not at all unpleasant.

on the palate, this is a fucking powerful wine. racing acidity couples with intense minerality — this is sort of electric. The citrus is incredibly assertive here, along with some green apple and unripe stone fruit as well. there's definitely a greenness about it, like that sharp, crisp bitterness you get from eating, say, an unripe bosc pear. this wine is really fresh and lively, and full of energy.

with the crazy acidity, minerality, and closedness of this wine, it's clear that it has a lot of potential — i think this would become something really pleasant and complex after another decade or so. it's nice now, though it's a baby — underdeveloped, and surely growing into something grander and more delicious with time.


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